The Georgian Language Corpus (GLC) is developed at the Institute of Linguistic Studies of Ilia State University during 2009-2016. At present the corpus includes two main sections, monolingual and bilingual. The monolingual section consists of 

New and Modern Georgian Corpus contains linguistically annotated texts from 1832 to 2012 with each word tagged by its lemma and morphosyntactic description. The linguistic annotation was carried out by means of Morphological Analyzer of Modern Georgian Language developed within the framework of the project financed by the Shota Rustaveli National Science Foundation. At present, the analyzer is being adjusted to literary works in Old and Middle Georgian.

The Old Georgian Corpus on its part contains translations and original texts compiled according to translation and literary schools, i.e. the chronological and literary-stylistic principles (pre-Athonite, Athonite, Antiochian, Gelatian). The corpus of translations consists of subcorpora structured according to source texts (cf. Greek - Georgian, Syriac – Georgian, Christian Arabic – Georgian, Armenian – Georgian). 

The bilingual section includes parallel corpora of The Georgian Chronicles (Kartlis Tskhovreba, an Old Georgian-Old Armenian corpus) and The Knight in the Panther’s Skin (Vepkhistkaosani, a Georgian-English corpus). At present, the Kartlis Tskhovreba parallel corpus also contains Robert W. Thomson’s English translations of Old Georgian and Old Armenian texts. The parallel corpus of The Martyrdom of the Holy Queen Shushanik, the first Georgian literary text translated into a foreign language, has been added to the bilingual corpus this year.

The rich language legacy is presented in the GLC not only from the perspective of historical grammar but also of social and public functions and relations with other languages and cultures.

Research Team

Project Director: N. Doborjginidze, Professor, Director of the Institute of Linguistic Studies

Linguistic Coordinator: I. Lobzhanidze, Professor 

Software Maintenance:

I. Gunia (Corpus of New and Modern Georgian Language, the Parallel Corpus of the Man in the Panther’s Skin)

G. Mirianashvili (the Parallel Corpus of the Georgian Chronicles, Old Georgian Translation Corpus)

M. Zakalashvili (the Parallel Corpus of the Man in the Panther’s Skin)


S. Berikashvili (the Parallel Corpus of the Georgian Chronicles)

G. Tadumadze (Corpus of New and Modern Georgian Language)

Ts. Khakhviashvili, N. Bilanishvili (Old Georgian Translation Corpus, Pre-Athonite Period)

Research Assistants:

T. Getiashvili, A. Tkebuchava, M. Ishkhanova, T. Damenia, T. Karosanidze, L. Vashakmadze, M. Damenia, K. Gilashvili, N. Latibashvili, M. Rukhadze, T. Gavashelishvili, N. Chichikoshvili, T. Kitoshvili, T. Kalkhitashvili, Ivl. Lobzhanidze, T. Khubashvili, L. Kitsmarishvili, E. Mdinaradze, N. Gogichaishvili, L. Tetrashvili, A. Sturua, S. Abralava, Z. Machavariani, L. Kupreishvili, M. Kvaskhvadze, M. Kvinikadze, Sh. Tumanishvili, N. Datashvili, N. Donadze, L. Sergia, S. Margvelashvili, Sh. Nozadze, M. Dadunashvili, K. Maridashvili